Carpet Cleaning Plymouth and South Devon

More soiling removed than with standard extraction

Carpet-Cleaning-Plymouth-3Exceptionally powerful extraction plus the best solutions and stain removers, plus powerbrush rinse system – you will be delighted with the improvement we can make to your carpet’s appearance and feel.

  • The most effective shampoos, solutions and stain removers
  • All are flushed out of the carpet using powerful hot-rinse extraction
  • Fast drying time – exceptional vacuum power, plus after-clean drying system
  • Minimal fuss and disruption. We move your furniture and put it back in place
  • Stains – Knowledgable and Professional Stain Removal. You will receive a Free Stain Removal Guide. PLUS we are more than happy to advise on any future stain problem, should it occur.
  • Sensible Realistic Prices, and no VAT!

Other Services Offered Include:

  • Carpet retufting (e.g. burn marks)
  • Carpet refitting
  • Colour restoration (e.g. bleach marks or faded areas)
  • Stainguard Anti stain protecion
  • Anti-moth and anti-flea treatments

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug and Tapestry Cleaning

Some sensitive rugs need extreme care in cleaning, others are more tolerant of deeper and more intensive cleaning.

WeCarpet-Cleaning-Plymouth-9 will closely inspect the rug, as we do with all items to be cleaned and advise you on the correct process and its limitations.

Your rug will receive the best possible clean, with all due care allowed for physical condition, dye fastness and shrinkage potential.

Silk and other delicate rugs, and tapestries, usually require dry cleaning, which, whilst a safe alternative for such items, can still give a lovely result when done correctly.

Fringes, where present, are shampooed and rinsed carefully.
As with carpets, all soiling and stains that can be safely removed, will be removed.

We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the end results!

In the unlikely event that you aren’t – there is no charge, simple as that

To see more examples of our carpet cleaning, click here.

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